HotHouse Theatre are super excited to announce our residencies for July to December 2017.

Rebecca Meston & Saffron Benner – Drive

18 September to 1 October

Inspired by the 2007 story of NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak – who drove across America to attack her lover’s lover – drive by Rebecca Meston, is a contemporary exploration of lost, deviant women set against long stretches of road and suffocating sky and a darkness that’s closing in. By the end of this two-week residency, Rebecca, working alongside dramaturg Saffron Benner, will complete the script to rehearsal-ready stage; a process which began in May for its first-stage development thanks to the support of Vitalstatistix. During their Month in the Country residency there will be a lot of reading, talking, thinking and writing and the team can’t wait. SA-based Rebecca and QLD-based Saffron, have worked together on previous plays (‘The Reunion’ and ‘Suburban Boulevard’ with co-writer Daniel Evans), and are truly stoked to be reuniting once more, and in such ideal circumstances.

Jane Miller & Beng Oh (15 Minutes from Anywhere) – Just a Boy, Standing in Front of a Girl 

20 November to 1 December

“Just a Boy, Standing in Front of a Girl” is a darkly comic take on Medea, as J and M fall in love and hit the road in search of fame and fortune. A contemporary re-imagining of the events surrounding the classical text, Just a Boy teases out the relationship between this legendary couple and, once and for all, works out who’s to blame. With a title inspired by the movie Notting Hill, Just a Boy is a feminist tragicomedy about the roles of men and women and the death of community in today’s increasingly narcissistic and disengaged society. The residency will enable the play to be redrafted and developed via a combination of work on the floor with actors and a director and analysis and revision of elements of the text by the writer and director.”

15 Minutes from Anywhere is an artistic collaboration between director Beng Oh and writer Jane Miller. Working with a range of diverse collaborators including a regular ensemble of actors and designers, 15 Minutes from Anywhere aims to create and nurture new Australian works as well as explore lesser known and interesting parts of the repertoire. Production credits include Happily Ever After, Motherfucker (La Mama), True Love Travels on a Gravel Road, Mein Kampf (encore) and Cuckoo (fortyfivedownstairs). The Yellow Wave (Butterfly Club, La Mama) was selected for the 2017 VCE Theatre Studies play list and a Regional Arts Victoria Arts and Education tour.  The company’s latest collaboration is with actor Sandy MacGregor on her play Shit Happens, to be produced as part of La Mama’s 50th birthday Mini-Fest.

Kasey Gambling, Keziah Warner & Raya Slavin – The Maze

4 to 15 December

The Maze is a site-specific work for a single audience member delivered via audio player. As an audience member you experience The Maze alone; you don a pair of headphones and find yourself privy to a woman’s internal monologue as she walks home at night. You hear her reactions to the harassment she’s facing, as well as the strategies she is considering in order to keep herself safe.

Following an alternative presentation, lead artist Kasey Gambling along with dramaturg Keziah Warner and composer/sound designer Raya Slavin will further develop The Maze as a primarily audio-based work that explores the casual and direct sexism many women experience on a day-to-day basis.