Round 1


HotHouse Theatre’s CELSIUS: INDEPENDENT THEATRE program enters its second year with five diverse local projects undertaking a full-time week of creative development. CELSIUS supports local independent practitioners through development and presentation of new works. These developments enable local artists to progress passion projects and ideas, with and for our local community.



In 2019 two young, LGBTQ+ artists, Evelyn Deery and Jai Butler wrote and directed an original play as a Tallangatta Community Theatre project, addressing the themes of youth mental health and bullying. This coming-of-age story follows Eleanor Parker, a closeted LGBTQ+ young person, who is struggling with hurdles in her home and school life.

Through CELSIUS 2020, Evelyn and Jai will engage with a mentor receiving professional support to develop their writing, and the play’s strong message.

We want to see our work helping people, making them feel safe and comfortable in their hometowns – there is even opportunity down the line for the play to be staged in other regional communities – to inspire people across Australia and spread LGBTQ+ positivity” – Evelyn & Jai.

HINGED by Kaitlyn McConnell
Performer and Choreographer Kaitlyn McConnell explores thoughts on relationships among women and how the patriarchal system they exist in drives these relationships to an extreme, altering states of conflict and unity.

Hinged is a dance theatre work about women and the shared experiences that describe being a woman in a modern-day context. Through a history of aggressively fighting for equal opportunity, she reflects on her generational experience of being a woman, and what that means in the western cultural context.

Teaming up with Chelsea Byrne and composer Gem Notarpietro, Kaitlyn will recontextualise a previous iteration of Hinged, and re-embody the physicality of the work into her body as the performer.


HEART STORY by Kerryn Beatty
Everyone will experience life and death. But what happens when death pokes it’s head around the corner and introduces itself early? Heart Story will raise conversations that force you to look at your mortality and look back on your life and how you have lived it.

Kerryn Beatty drew together a stellar team of Suzanne Pereira as Director, Helena Kernaghan as Musical Director and Alyson Evans as Dramaturg, for the first creative development of this story based on true events. They were able to examine all Kerryn’s preconceptions of what she should write, enabling her to feel the freedom to write completely from her heart.

The second development of Heart Story will bring the team together again to work on character and script development, allowing Kerryn to finish the week with the tools to develop a full first draft.

Ben Tari will be working with collaborators Jodie Farrugia, Rachel McNamara plus soundscape artist, Julian Langdon on a second creative development for The River Flows. Together they will bolster and rework existing material to uncover fresh responses and develop the structures to the three main stories focused around our interaction with the Murray River.

From the innocence of children playing in water, to the cold murkiness that takes life from us; the Murray River is a significant force in the lives of both locals and visitors. It separates two states and its non-discriminating nature and relentless flow is a source of leisure, utility and sometimes death. Through narration, physical theatre, dance, and soundscape this piece will explore how we connect with the Murray and its effect on our lives.”– Ben

THE UIVER by Hogan & Hogan
In 2019 Brendan Hogan and Carm Hogan extensively researched and developed an outline for a play for families based on the true story of the ingenious rescue of ‘The Uiver’, a Dutch DC2 airliner that became lost over Albury/Wodonga during the 1934 London to Melbourne air race.

They dove deep, uncovering hidden gems of ideas and anecdotes, explored characters, timelines and key themes. Now they are ready to fully realise, in script form, the compelling the story of the Uiver Rescue and what it has to say about our sense of community then and now.

Brendan Hogan was the winner of the 2018 and 2019 Martin-Lysicrates Prize for his plays, Farewell Mr Nippy and Play Number 4, both of which are currently in development. His most recent work, The Last Boy on Earth, was performed as part of HotHouse Theatre’s 2019 season .