CELSIUS: Independent Theatre


HotHouse Theatre is pleased to invite submissions from local independent artists and artistic teams to be part of the second round for the 2020 CELSIUS: Independent Theatre program.

Project dates will be negotiated for September to June 2021. Submissions will close at 5pm on Friday 31 July 2020.


CELSIUS: Independent Theatre supports the development of local, independent theatre practitioners through the creation and presentation of theatre works that ignite and inspire regional audiences.

This is a pilot independent performance development initiative for the Albury-Wodonga region, which resources artists to engage in creative development or present locally produced independent productions in partnership with HotHouse Theatre.


CELSIUS is open to individuals or groups with an independent arts practice, primarily in the broad definition of theatre. Applicants must live and work in the Albury-Wodonga region or be an ex-pat with a family home base here, who returns frequently to be active in the local arts community.

We welcome submissions from Independent artists across disciplines and forms.

We encourage submissions from:

  • Emerging, pre-professional and professional arts practitioners
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse artists
  • Artists who identify as LGBTQIA+
  • Artists living with a disability

Artistic teams may include artists from beyond the region, but the lead artist/s applying for the program must be local. Please note – Lead artist status does not extend to artists living in major neighbouring regional centres such as Wagga Wagga or Wangaratta.

We strongly recommend you take the opportunity to chat to our Artistic Director, Karla Conway prior to applying if you have any questions that are not covered in these guidelines.


Applications can be made for the following categories:

  1. Creative Development – New Work
  2. Independent Production

Creative Development projects will receive:

  • Five days of rehearsal space either as a week block Monday to Friday, or as agreed with the HotHouse schedule.
  • Basic tech support for a work-in-progress showing in either The Butter Factory Theatre or Studio at the end of the development process – including a feedback session.
  • $3,000 toward the costs the creative development.

Independent Productions will be co-presented with Hothouse Theatre and will receive:

  • Five days of theatre hire (Monday to Friday | Butter Factory Theatre)
  • Technical support for bump-in, three performances, and bump-out.
  • Box Office and Front of House staff for three performances
  • Support with development of production schedule and budgeting advice.
  • A marketing campaign planning session, marketing support, including a dedicated webpage per project, and the creation of templates for production collateral.
  • Ticketing services.
  • $7,000 toward production costs
  • Box Office income split – 60% to artists and 40% to HotHouse Theatre.

Productions will be eligible for programming from February – June 2021.


CELSIUS: Independent Theatre invests in local artists and artistic teams (emerging or established) who work professionally, or who have aspirations to work professionally. It is intended to develop new Australian theatre works and foster cross-disciplinary practice in the region by supporting local artists to lead their unique performance projects through creative development, and/or to small-scale production phase.

CELSIUS supports both text and non-text-based works.

Forms may include (but are not limited to): physical or experimental theatre, circus, dance, cabaret, gaming, interactive, musical, queer theatre, Aboriginal theatre, AV/film, site-specific, immersive, audio, participatory works, spoken word, durational works, or a combination of.

Straight music gigs, stand-up, or sketch acts lacking theatrical structure are outside the CELSIUS guidelines.

Creative Developments and Productions should be designed to take place in the Butter Factory Theatre.

Projects pitching the use of other specific locations or venues during Creative Developments or for Production are not excluded but will be considered on a case by case basis, with regard to staff and resources required.


  • CELSIUS Independent Productions may be newly conceived or based on existing scripts.
  • Production projects may have had previous creative developments but must not have been produced in the region in at least the last five years.
  • Works must run at a minimum of 50 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours.
  • All works must be Australian made or an Australian adaptation.


Projects will be reviewed by a panel made up from local and industry arts workers, community stakeholders, visiting artists and HotHouse representatives. The panel will consider:

  • The artistic vision and rationale;
  • The impact of the project for the artists and the community;
  • The personnel, planning and viability of the project.

The final selection will be made by HotHouse Theatre in consideration of available resources.


Applications are being accepted via a google form. You will need to log into the form with your google account and type your answers into the form. You will be able to attach supporting documents and your Excel budget as part of the application process. Click on the button below or here

We strongly advise you to gather the answers to these questions in a word document then cut and paste the answers into the application form.

  • Lead artist contact details – name, address, email, phone contact.
  • Your artistic vision and rationale for the project:
    What is your project and what is it exploring or interrogating? Give as much detail about the look and feel of your creative development. What is compelling about it and why does it excite you? Why do you want to make this work now? – Addtional questions for production: How do you plan to structure your rehearsal process? Please outline the length and structure of your rehearsal plan
  • The impact of your project – What you hope to achieve with either your Creative development or Production. What do you see to be the future for your project?. Why are you passionate about this project at this particular moment in time? Who do you think is the audience for this work? How will the artists and/or the community benefit from your project receiving CELSIUS support?
  • An image (landscape). May be the lead artist or an indicative image reflecting the vision of the project.
  • Preferred dates for the project. Please nominate three sets of 5 days each, in order of preference. Potential dates for use of the Butter Factory Theatre are listed at the bottom of this document.
  • Artist Bios (one paragraph per person) for everyone involved in your project* plus a headshot of the lead artist/s.

*Successful applications will be required to provide emailed agreement of participation by all listed artists involved in the project.

  1. Please use the Excel Budget template supplied to create a budget for your project. You can access the template here

CELSIUS income is included in the template, but you can also add in other support you think you might get in grants, donations or in-kind support.  In the Notes to Budget section, you can explain some of your financial workings, and which income is hoped for but unconfirmed. You can also tell us about how you and other artists have agreed to work together financially (industry rates, honorarium, in-kind, profit-share).

  1. Attach Support material for Creative Developments and Productions.
  • You can attach up to five pages of script/project content in pdf form to accompany your submission.
  • You can supply a URL with up to 5 minutes (in total) of video/audio/visual material, using Youtube, Vimeo, Flikr, Soundcloud or any similar platform. Please include the link in your 3-page project description, along with any passwords needed to access the material.
  • You can submit brief emails/letters confirming significant partnerships or financial contributions. Please don’t submit general ‘support letters’.


Submission deadline: 5pm on Friday 31 July 2020

Assessment by panel: Monday 3 to Friday 14 August 2020

Notification & date negotiation with successful applicants: from Monday 17 August 2020



We are available to discuss projects and the submission process with you individually.  You can request a 30 minute meeting (in person, by phone or Zoom etc) by emailing [email protected]. Either Karla Conway or Beck Palmer will then call you to confirm a time.


Please outline your preferred dates for your project including access to the BUTTER FACTORY THEATRE giving 3 options.

We will try to accommodate your first choice but due to COVID-19,  scheduling may need to be negotiated