Auditions Open for Next Sunday Best Playreading- Louis Nowra’s Classic ‘Cosi’

Auditions for the second play in the Sunday Best Playreading series, Cosi, will be held this Saturday 30 April from 11am to 2pm at The Butter Factory Theatre, Gateway Island, Wodonga.

The series of playreadings, a partnership including HotHouse Theatre, The Other Theatre Company and Albury-Wodonga Theatre Company, began last month with a reading of Betty Roland’s Australian classic drama, The Touch of Silk. Live music is provided before each reading by Murray Conservatorium.

The Other Theatre Company has chosen Louis Nowra’s play, first performed at Belvoir St Theatre in 1992. Set in a Melbourne mental hospital in 1971, Cosi is semi-autobiographical, and is a play within a play. It is a touching and biting portrayal of human relationships and mental illness. The playreading will be directed by Alexander Gibbs.

Reading Performance Date: Sunday 22 May 2016, 3pm
To be involved, interested people must be available on Sunday 22 May. There will be a three-hour rehearsal on the Sunday, followed by the public reading at 3pm.


LEWIS, 21, has just left university.
LUCY, 20-23, is doing an MA thesis and lives with Lewis.
NICK, 21-24, also doing a thesis and directs student productions.
JUSTIN, a social worker in his late 30s or early 40s. He is neat and precise.
ROY, 40-50, a mental patient who has spent much of his life in institutions.
HENRY, 40-50, a former lawyer who is now a patient. Like Roy, he has spent much of his adult life in institutions.
DOUG, 20-30, has a liking for fires, but has not been in institutions very long.
CHERRY, 25-35, has been in institutions for some time.
JULIE, 21-25, is in a mental institution for the first time because of drug dependency.
RUTH, 30-40, an obsessive personality, who is in and out of mental institutions.
ZAC, 25-30, the musician of the group who has been in and out of mental institutions.
Phone 02 6021 7433 or 0410 933 582 for any enquiries or if unable to make the audition on Saturday from 11am – 2pm.
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