Celsius: Independent Theatre Development Program

HotHouse Theatre are excited to announce the successful applications to the second round of Celsius: Independent Theatre funding for 2020. These seven creative developments will take place over the next twelve months.

A Land of Snow and Ice – Rachel McNamara 

A Land of Snow and Ice is a sensory based immersive theatre adventure for 5-8 year olds and their families. This project is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between four local artists  – director Rachel McNamara, choreographer Kaitlyn McConnell, performer Natasha Quinn and sensory theatre specialist Jane Sartori. 

Set in the arctic, the work seeks to explore the combination of live interaction on zoom, immersive theatre frameworks and creative play through a chilly blend of Norse mythology, The Northern Lights, Narnia and the North pole. 

“…I’m excited by works that harness the power of the imagination and its capacity to enable us to experience empathy, and to imagine new possibilities for the world in which we live  Rachel McNamara 

Behind Closed Doors – Alyson Evans and Michelle Fracaro 

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in some of Albury’s most historic buildings? Behind Closed Doors is a new immersive theatre experience by theatre maker Alyson Evans and writer Michelle Fracaro that encourages audiences to interact with space, stories and performers right in the heart of Albury.  

Following a map, audiences will step through time and place into 5 sites that are both familiar and unknown along Dean Street. Through performances by local professional actors in each location, audiences will explore hidden stories of the people who lived and worked in buildings scattered across Albury’s legendary main street. Truth and fiction merge and blur, and history and imagination take over in this intimate and participatory theatre experience. 

Michelle  and Alyson will delve into Dean Street’s history, uncovering the quirky stories and even quirkier characters that once roamed there. This will include interviewing senior members of the community, researching archives and talking with current owners of some of the historic buildings. There will be no ‘fourth wall’ the audience interaction will be an integral part of the whole experience. 

Growing Down – Grace Rouvray 

Grace Rouvray (comedian/writer 600 Bottles of Wine) and performer/collaborator Bridie Connell will explore the story of Rosie and Gen as they try to hold onto their current lives, relationships and jobs whilst dealing with family, overbearing extended family, old high school romances, hospitals, the conversations and hard decisions they aren’t ready to make, when their Dad is diagnosed with cancer soon after Christmas. 

We can’t ignore that the world is mostly all messed up at the moment. To write a comedy piece in 2020 with the absence of pain and suffering does not honour the state of the world nor reflect the internal struggle we feel. Covid-19 has impacted everyone, we have felt its effects varyingly but still universally. The topic of family, love, life and death is also universal and now more than ever the connections we have to our loved ones are what is important.’ Grace Rouvray 

The Haus of Fork – Mitchell Wayne Hibbens 

The Haus of Fork  is three First Nations Drag Artists: Bobby Whybrow, a Wiradjuri person, Aaron Perkins-Kemp-Berger an Arrente person & Mitch Hibbens, also a Wiradjuri person. 

The Haus of Fork Presents… is a 45 minute First Nations Drag Show curated by Queer First Nations Mob. Through the development of the show The Forks will explore the powerful and confronting themes of Bla(c)kness, and racism which are particularly salient at this time in 2020 but strike at the heart of deeper issues of sexual racism, discrimination that exist in this country.  

This creative development project will build on the success of the groups debut show Dragioke in 2018 at Hothouse Theatre and allow the drag artists to hone and refine their individual artistic practice but also provide a valuable opportunity to focus on the construction of a fully realised concept that speaks to the act of resistance & physicality of Indigenous Drag ; curated and crafted by First Nations people. 

Hunter/Killer – Clancy Hauser 

This is an opportunity for a team of emerging artists from the region to reconnect with HotHouse to create workClancy Hauser, Molly Burnett, Amos Wilksch and Sian Murphy are exploring a thriller of Orwellian tonefollowing the experience of two journalists working to cover the story of an aeroplane crash in regional Australia; set in a near distant future where severe restrictions have been placed upon the media in regard to freedom of speech and journalistic integrity. 

This work is inspired by the Witness K scandal regarding the Timor-Leste negotiations in 2014 , the 2019 AFP ABC office raids  and the way the recent January bushfires and 2020 COVID-19 coverage have been delivered by the Australian media. 

Using a hybrid of online technologies and live performance, the team will experiment with theatre presentation stylesconnecting and working with artists from this area, but are currently based in other parts of the country. 

Parenting Partners – Alyce Fisher 

A onehuman theatre/cabaret/comedy performance exploring Alyce Fisher’s deeply personal experience of choosing to create a family with her friend Seth Sladen, and their joint choice to write their own rules when it comes to making a family.  

There is a real lack of conversation, knowledge and acceptance about people who choose to create families outside of the traditional heterosexual norm. By sharing their story, Alyce and Seth hope to broaden horizons and help to start to normalise the ever-growing population of ‘Rainbow Families’.  

During their fertility, reproductive and pregnancy journey, they have come across many cases of unconscious bias, judgment and those who have openly questioned their choice to become Parenting Partners. They want to explore this during creative development and hopefully help others by sharing their story. 

SYNC – Lucy Tan 

As circus artist and recent graduate of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Lucy has spent many years honing her skills in disciplines of juggling, object balance and manipulation, handstands and contortion. Her original juggling choreography combining movement and manipulation with body movements and moving apparatus is synchronised to a very specifically timed soundtrack of recognisable noises that she composes with the creation of the work. Lucy’s interest in synchronicity will explore lip syncing integrated with audio sequences including dialogue with a subtle political commentary. Lucy will work toward a fulllength solo show for future festivals.