Connect | Relate | Create is an online creative program that connects and supports Border and North East’s arts community.

Over six weeks, you are invited to participate in a range of creative workshops via Zoom to enable connection, encourage creativity, and boost wellbeing.

The program not only aims to increase the mental health of our hard hit arts community, but encourages the development of new ideas and skills through a range of art forms.

Kicking off with an artist wellbeing workshop led by phycologist Dr Louise Cooper (Talking Emotions/Arts and Wellbeing Collective), the following weeks will include a writing workshop with Alyson Evans, a drawing workshop, a movement workshop with Jodie Farrugia, and a singing workshop. The project culminates with IDEAS LAB, a space where artists of any art form can self-nominate to present a short visual presentation on a seed ideas they are exploring.

Participants are encouraged to think outside of their art form and attend all workshops.

Brief workshop details:

Tuesday 1st September – 6.30pm to 8pm – Artist wellbeing workshop with Dr Louise Cooper

Tuesday 8th September – 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Writing with Alyson Evans

Tuesday 22nd September – 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Drawing

Tuesday 29th September – 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Movement with Jodie Farrugia

Tuesday 6th October – 6.30pm to 8pm – Idea’s Lab


THURSDAY 15 October – 6.30pm to 7.30pm – Singing

Details are correct at time of publication and are subject to change

Connect | Relate | Create is a free online creative program created by Alyson Evans that connects and supports Border and North East Victorian artists

Artist wellbeing workshop with Dr Louise Cooper

DATE: Tuesday 1st September
TIME: 6:30 PM
DURATION: 90 minutes

Looking for some support around your wellbeing during COVID? Join an online evening of support in the company of others to help find comfort and self soothing in these difficult times. A supportive workshop for the arts community in and around Albury facilitated by Dr Louise Cooper, Counselling Psychologist and Emotion Focused Practitioner – mindfulness, metaphor and ways of sharing the load.

FACILITATOR: Dr Louise Cooper is an experienced presenter, facilitator, counsellor and supervisor, and has worked with the Arts and Wellbeing Collective. When working with groups, Louise draws from her experience as an actor and broadcaster to skilfully engage people in stories and metaphor that facilitate learning. Louise is a former co-ordinator of group programs at the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic) and practitioner at Drummond Street Services Queerspace. She is an AHPRA registered supervisor, an internationally accredited supervisor in Emotion Focused Therapy, and on the Executive Team of the Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy.

Picture of a smiling woman with short grey hair and a checked shirt

Writing Your Story with Alyson Evans

DATE: Tuesday 8th September
TIME: 6.30 PM
DURATION: 60 minutes

Explore the world of storytelling with this practical workshop that focuses on your own stories, thoughts and views to generate written content. The workshop will look at story structure, key storytelling tips, and you’ll be led through a series of simple writing prompts that will get your creative juices flowing.

Attendees will need pen and paper.

FACILITATOR: Alyson Evans has worked around the the world as a performer, theatre maker and community artist. Following her theatre training back in her home country of Wales, Alyson has performed in the UK, Australia and Nepal. With a passion for sharing stories, as a theatre maker Alyson works with a range of diverse communities to create immersive theatre performances that highlight the stories of communities that are not often heard. In 2015 Alyson was awarded the Kirk Robson Award from the Australia Council for the Arts, in recognition of her work.


DATE: Tuesday 29th September
TIME: 6.30 PM
DURATION: 60 minutes

This session will explore how we can connect with our bodies and each other to create and generate physical content through an online platform. The importance of human connection and how we can bring creative focus to ourselves and be inspired by others. An experimental creative session, bring an open mind and playful spirit to explore and connect with each other and connect with our creative and physical spirit.

FACILITATOR: Jodie Farrugia is a movement artist. She has worked throughout Australia, Asia and Europe as a Performer, Educator, Choreographer and Director in Physical theatre, Contemporary dance and Circus. Jodie’s strives to create rich and immersive visual theatre; an interdisciplinary approach to theatre making, to connect and tell universal visual stories. Jodie is a fierce advocate for accessibility and equality in the arts, she is currently dedicating her practise to working with marginalised and disadvantaged communities and local grass route climate action activism

A woman in white dress. She is standing in a pile of flowers and also holding them in her arms

Drawing Household Objects

DATE: Tuesday 22nd September
TIME: 6.30 PM
DURATION: 60 minutes

Strange times call for new approaches!
So from Vicki Luke’s  studio to your home why don’t you share some drawing time.

Vicki wants you to collect up household materials that you wouldn’t think of using for drawing.

Try for starters…. Shoe polish, Coffee, Tea bags and tea, Salt, Candles, Lipstick, Foundation, Mascara, Washing up liquid, Charcoal and Ash, Dirt, Plus any traditional drawing and painting materials you have including dried up paints! Maybe graphite pencils, coloured pencils, textas, oil and chalk pastels and willow and compressed charcoal.

We will share some drawing time playing with the materials….no pressure… this workshop is about fun and seeing what comes out of drawing from a distance

FACILITATOR: Vicki Lukehas been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember; from the child who always drew in the dirt, to a keen art student throughout school. Growing up in Albury, her enthusiasm for art developed into an active arts practice. 

After leaving school Vicki moved to Sydney to develop her passion. A year at Sydney University with a Teachers scholarship convinced Vicki that she needed to acquire hands on skills, so she studied Graphic Design. 

Working as a designer and illustrator in Sydney and then in the Albury region, Vicki has been constantly involved in the creative community. After independently working as a Graphic Designer for twenty years she returned to study to refresh my skills. 

Fine Arts has been her primary activity since then. Known throughout the region for her work as an exhibiting artist, a TAFE teacher and a regular guest artist in community workshops, Vicki is a passionate collaborator who believes that everyone should enjoy their creative side. 

Vicki’s work revolves around the natural world and the human condition, exploring the notion of Paradise, the sublime and change. 

Image of a woman painting

Singing Workshop- NEW DATE

The Singing workshop has been moved to Thursday 15 October.

DATE: Thursday 15 October
TIME: 6.30 PM
DURATION: 60 minutes

This workshop has been rescheduled.

The Workshop will cover some basics in voice production for singing and speaking. Together we will explore breathing, pitch and sing together ( or alone) over the internet. !

FACILITATOR: A surprise tutor!

Idea’s Lab – a sharing space of seed ideas

DATE: Tuesday 6th October
TIME: 6.30pm
DURATION: 70 minutes

Have a seed idea that has been swirling around in your brain for the past few years? Drawn to an image that you’d love to make a work about one day? Wrote something in this program that you’d like to explore further? Idea’s Lab is a space for 5 creatives to share their ideas through a short, 6 minute 40 second visual presentation. Unformed ideas are encouraged, and this is your chance to put your create thoughts out into the world, and who knows – even find yourself some collaborators.

Interest will be sought to present at IDEA’S LAB 10 days before the event, and support will be given in the making of your presentation.


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