NIGHT SKIES – 2021 January Holiday Workshop


Is our future determined or is the sky the limit? 

These January school holidays we traverse the beautiful summer night sky, to explore the meaning of myth, the perfect chaos of nature and rediscover what this world has to offer.   

This workshop is for lovers of drama and theatre making, who wish to create and perform their own performance.    

Students are required to wear comfortable clothing, bring their own lunch, snacks and drink bottle and adhere to all current COVID-19 regulations, including the wearing of masks.   

Showings will have limited audience capacities due to social distancing requirements. We will advise of numbers closer to the date.  

Cost: $180.00 Inc GST 


Primary, ages 8-12: Jan 18-20  

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:00 PM on Wed Jan 20 

Studio space, Butter Factory Theatre 

Grab your torch and telescope and come meet the creatures of the night, explore the universe and tell stories around the campfire. 


Junior, ages 13-15: Jan 13-15 

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:00 PM on Fri Jan 15 

Studio space, Butter Factory Theatre  

Humans have stared at the stars for millennia and in return stories have fallen from the heavens to excite and enthrall them. Just about every culture across the globe, has its’ own myths and legends; but what are the stories of ‘now’ that belong to us and are they up there too? 


Senior Intensive, ages 16-18: Jan 13-15 

9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day with a showing 2:30 PM on Fri Jan 15 

Theatre, Butter Factory Theatre 

From astrology to the moon landing, humans have tried to conquer time and space in many ways.  

We’re in the middle of this things called ‘life’ and we’re about to make the leap into all the unknowns. When it comes to career, employment, study, travel, dreams and passions; what’s our first step to achieving them? Whose crystal ball do we look into and advice do we take? How do we exercise our autonomy over the things we cannot see?   


Due to COVID-19 restrictions places are limited; so, get in quick so you don’t miss out! 

EMU in southern sky


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