Dark and Light in Shortlist for SOLO Monologue Competition

HotHouse Theatre, La Trobe University and the Write Around the Murray festival are thrilled to announce the shortlist for SOLO Monologue competition.

More than 200 entries – the highest number received so far for the competition – came from all states and territories in Australia, South Africa, the UK and the US.

Judges said the monologues covered a range of subjects from serious to humourous.

Shortlisted entrants receive dramaturgical advice from award-winning playwright, Mary Rachel Brown. Between now and the performance of the monologues on Thursday 8 September, shortlisted writers can rewrite or fine tune their entries.

The competition carries a $500 prize for the winner of each of the three categories – unpublished/unperformed monologues; published/performed and monologues written by high school students.


High School: Jesslyn Santosa – Grace and the Melancholy; Rebecca Chami – Bananas; Brynnie Rafe – Girl on a Bus; Emily Stewart – A Character in Search of a Society.
Unpublished: Rod Mackay – Happy Hundred; Bruce Clark – Days of Death and Crawfords; Imogen McCluskey – Cissy in Charge; Mark Dessaix – No Title.
Published: Ben Walter – It’s All Happening Here; Carmel Lillis – Dumb Sums; Glen R Johns – Perfecting the Art of Flirting; Maura Pierlot – Tapping Out.  

Highly Commended
High School: Kate Moyle – Romeo and Juliet; Mathilda Humphries – Some Things Are to be Said.
Unpublished: Nick Corbett – Suffocation.
Published: Brendan Hogan – A Slow Death; Kate Rotherham – Hashtag; Michael Lill – The Same Page.

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