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Welcome to HotHouse Theatre’s Season 2020.

At a time when the world keeps forcefully retreating into itself, the theatre holds a very special power – the key to counteracting the retreat. In this age of digital consumption, the power of theatre is that it remains analogue. It purposefully draws you out of isolation, away from the screen, lifts your gaze, activates the senses and compels you to engage with your fellow humans.

Entering the theatre, we set aside what divides us and sit together in the company of strangers. In watching, we stop talking. By stilling ourselves and listening, we increase our capacity for empathy, and then something extraordinary occurs amongst the audience – heartbeats synchronise. This physiological phenomenon unites us, creating a shared experience; and great conversations flow, unleashed by our innate need to understand the moments and meanings the play provokes.

In Season 2020 we are amplifying the voices of artists making powerful theatre. From diverse forms and practises, our local, regional and national artists are the lifeblood of this artform. This season honours the contribution they make to catalysing the big conversations we need to have as a nation – and we need to have some big conversations.

Season 2020 cracks open these big conversations, engaging with the voices of First Nations artists, marginalised women, farmers, young people and survivors of addiction; and collectively assesses the pulse of the nation.

CELSIUS: Independent Theatre season kicks off a different conversation with our local artists and if you haven’t already, definitely get talking with your young ones, because theirs is the voice of revolution and we will be listening.

Great conversations will be sparking all year long. It’s a cacophony of our collective conscious.

I hope you will bring your voice into the mix.

Karla Conway
Artistic Director and CEO

Karla Conway
Artistic Director and CEO

Mental Health.
First Nation’s Recognition.
Our Children’s Future.
The Rule of Law.