Mission Songs Project

by Jessie Lloyd

Singing our stories back to life.


Due to restrictions of gatherings as implemented by the government in response to COVID-19, HotHouse Theatre is unable to present the Mission Songs Project with Jessie Lloyd on the original dates planned in May 2020.

This project’s heart is absolutely connected to our local Aboriginal community with our Mission Songs Choir, which will perform alongside Jessie. Our first responsibility is to protect the safety of this community as we know that it includes people with vulnerable health conditions.

We are in close consultation with the Mission Songs producer, Performing Lines and are discussing rescheduled dates. If restrictions are lifted and the community has regained some confidence, we may be able to look at dates from mid-August.

HotHouse Theatre is committed to presenting this work at a suitable time in the future.

If you have tickets to this performance, please get in touch with us to discuss your options by telephone (02) 60217433 or by email [email protected]. Further information regarding our 2020 season can be found here.



Searching for the secular songs that were sung after church, Jessie Lloyd uncovers the day to day life on the missions, settlements and reserves. Through music, intimate storytelling, moving harmonies and with historical insight, Jessie Lloyd takes audiences on a musical journey across Australia – using humour and truth to share the voices of Elders, as they would, around a warm campfire or kitchen table.

From cultural identity to love and loss, these rare songs, performed by an extraordinary trio of Indigenous singers, unearth almost forgotten stories that illuminate the history of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Elders, families and communities.

In 2019, four prominent voices from our Aboriginal community – Aunty Valda Murray, Racheal Oak Butler, Aaron Perkins-Kemp- Berger and Bobby Whybrow – worked with Jessie Lloyd penning two original songs to contribute to the Mission Songs Project, reflecting life in our region. Celebrate with us as our four local songwriters, together with local community members, take to the stage with Jessie Lloyd to share their stories through song.

Image courtesy of Jessie Lloyd

Duration 80 minutes, including interval  Suitability 12 years +


Jessie Lloyd

Performing Lines

Local Songwriters
Valda Murray
Racheal Oak Butler
Aaron Perkins-Kemp-Berger
Bobby Whybrow

“profoundly moving… the entire collection is sublime…”

‘Mission Songs Project presents contemporary folk songs that continue the ancient song lines of this country. The songs speak of the daily lives of the First Peoples who were relocated from their traditional homelands to the missions. There are some well known songs and also hidden gems that have been uncovered.’

Wednesday 20 May, 7:00 PM
Thursday 21 May, 7:00 PM
Friday 22 May, 7:00 PM
Saturday 23 May, 7:00 PM

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