Q & A with Georgie Currie

A quick catch up with Studio Ensemble member, Georgie Currie, during a brief break from rehearsals.

The process for developing At the Hip has been quite different to other shows you may have been involved in. What has been your favourite thing about the process of being ‘reporter/actor’?

This entire process has been super interesting and unlike anything I have ever done before. I think my favourite aspect of this whole development has been the interviews themselves. It was a genuine pleasure to just sit down and truly listen to some really interesting people just talk. I also found noting human mannerisms and characteristics quite fascinating.

What has been the most challenging ?

The most challenging has been treading the fine line between true reflection of the person’s voice and nature, and mockery! It’s been a real challenge to ensure that we don’t create a caricature of the person we interviewed. Hopefully we haven’t.

How long have you been in Albury-Wodonga?

I have lived in Albury-Wodonga for six years and three months! We moved to Albury because my family was tired of the speed of Sydney. They’d always talked about moving somewhere more regional, and Albury fitted the mould quite nicely as it’s not too small and it’s only an hour away from my grandparents.

What’s the BEST thing about living in Albury-Wodonga?

The best thing about living in Albury-Wodonga has been growing up here. I felt what it was to grow up in a city as big as Sydney, and it never held the same sense of community that you find here. Best of all, the young people are still given opportunities to nurture their passions and dreams just as they would in metropolitan areas. Now, I feel ready to move away, but I’ll always be grateful to have grown up in Albury-Wodonga.

The interviewees were asked what is their BIG DREAM. What is your BIG DREAM?

My big dream is to live a fulfilling life in the performing arts. Wherever that may lead me!

I don’t have a clear plan right now, I just know that I’m happiest when I’m performing or creating something. If the universe decides that I’m not able to make a career in the performing arts, then I’d like to do something with humanitarian work. Either way, I intend to follow my passion, it’s important, I think it’s sort of what we’re here to do.

Finally, what is your favourite song?

My favourite song is by Simon and Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water. I first heard this song when I was singing with a combined schools choir during my time in Sydney. We were fortunate enough to perform this at the Sydney Opera House, and still every time I hear it I am reminded of how it felt to sing that beautiful song with my childhood friends. I even remember spotting my excited Grandma waving from the front row. She was pretty stoked to be there.

You can see Georgie and the other Ensemble members in At the Hip  3 – 19 November. Book tickets here.