Q & A with Sarah Maloney

The process for developing At the Hip has been quite different to other shows you may have been involved in.

What has been your favourite thing about the process of being ‘reporter/actor’?
Being really involved in the whole development of the script. Up until now I’ve only ever been given a script and told my part, but actually being a part of the whole ‘behind the scenes’ part of the production has been amazing.

What has been the most challenging?

 Playing real people. It’s so hard to gauge whether or not you doing the person justice or just being offensive.

How long have you been in Albury-Wodonga?
Four years.

If you weren’t born here, what were the circumstances around you coming here?
My dad who is an air traffic controller got a job offer down here, and since Albury is a lot bigger than Tamworth where I grew up. There were better opportunities for my brothers and me down here.

What’s the BEST thing about living  in Albury-Wodonga?
As I mentioned, all of the opportunities available. I’ve been able to perform at HotHouse for the past four years and also do a school performance workshop at Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne as well as record two original songs at a professional recording studio. It is seriously unreal how many opportunities are available for young people in Albury-Wodonga.

The interviewees were asked what is their BIG DREAM. What is your BIG DREAM?
Become an actress/filmmaker and fight for world peace.

Finally, what is your favourite song?
There are actually so many that I would never be able to pick one, but my top few would be:

Into My Arms – Nick Cave; Revolution – JBT and Hey Jude – The Beatles. Also anything U2 or Coldplay 🙂

At The Hip will play at HotHouse Theatre from November 3 – 19. Find more information and purchase tickets here