One suit, eight nights.
The opportunity of a lifetime.

Written and performed by
Russell Cheek
Produced by Catnip Productions

28 August – 1 Sept

28 August – 1 Sept

Stephen Abbott

Lighting Designer
& Stage Manager
Jacky Bennett

Cat Dibley

In 1993, performer (and The Castanet Club member) Russell Cheek had a brainwave: he would climb out of unemployed – actor poverty by attempting to win the major jackpot and prizes on Sale of the Century. Now Russell takes to the stage to evoke the spirit of 1990s Australia, and tell the tale of one man’s quest to scale the summit of the ‘Everest’ of Australian quiz shows.

Russell’s true story is one of dedication, perseverance and grit. It’s also genuinely suspenseful, and very, very funny. With direction from Stephen Abbott (aka The Sandman), Russell Cheek guides us all, with the help of his very own ‘Sale’ footage, on a nail-biting journey through a retro minefield of golf clubs, models, cars and cash – and potential national humiliation.

Who Am I? has charmed and delighted audiences of all ages in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra, and at the 2016 Adelaide Festival.

“Mr. Cheek has a definite charm and charisma that makes his chronicling a carefree and comic delight.”

“Russell Cheek is a master narrator. He takes the audience on a wild ride through the history, glamour and bad attire of 1990’s commercial television.”

“ … a winning, warm and rewarding seventy minutes in the theatre.”

Production Partner

8pm, Tuesday 28 August
6.30pm, Wednesday 29 August
11am, Thursday 30 August
8pm, Thursday 30 August
8pm, Friday 31 August
8pm, Saturday 1 September

Single Tickets

$49 / Full Price
$40 / Concession
$30 / Student
$32ea / Group 10+
$30ea / Group 20+
Book tickets online to avoid a $3 booking fee.

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