There are two ways you can subscribe in 2021.

Purchase a Subscription package – All three plays for $105

With this subscription package you simply choose the dates and times of each of the three plays, and lock them in at the time of purchase. Your tickets will then be emailed to you, or you can choose to have them sent to your phone by SMS for a small fee of $0.50.

Purchase a Flexi-Sub – $121 (inc. administration fee)

With this subscription package, you pay a small $10 administration fee, enabling you to buy vouchers at a discounted rate and receive all the benefits of being a subscriber. Once you have purchased your vouchers, you can then exchange them into the performance of your choice, subject to availability.
This package is designed for people who may not be able, or wish to see all three shows yet still want the benefit of being a subscriber.
It is also handy for subscribers who may not know what they are doing next week let alone in March, May or June.

Subscribers will have a priority purchase period till 28 February. Single tickets will then go on sale which will affect availability.

Allocated Seating and Social Distancing

To keep you safe and to comply with best practice, HotHouse has introduced allocated seating. This means that you will be able to choose your seat at the time of purchase.

We have also introduced social distanced seating. This means that there will be two seats on either side of each booking. It works on the idea that you are happy to be in close proximity to those coming with you to the theatre. It also significantly impacts on the number of seats that are available for sale. For example; if you book a single-seat, effectively five seats are removed from sale.
We really encourage you to connect with your friends before you purchase your subscription and put the subscriptions in one name so you can sit together. Alternatively, you can use a Flexi-Sub to give yourself more flexibility.

Credit from 2020

If you are holding a credit from 2020 you need to call the office on 02 6021 7433, so that we can apply your credit to your account.

Reasons to take out a SEASON 2021 Subscription

With allocated seating and social distancing in place, Subscribers will have first choice of seats.

When you subscribe you save! Our subscription prices are the cheapest we can offer with up to 30% off the full ticket price for our subscription shows. Plus you don’t just get to save here at HotHouse Theatre. Show your subscriber tag and get discounts when buying a drink at Bobby’s Bar, dining at La Maison or shopping at Essential Ingredient. Plus you receive the member ticket prices at The Cube and the Albury Entertainment Centre.

Seating layout of the Butter Factory Theatre

HotHouse reserves a limited number of seats that are not on sale through the website for each performance.

Accessible seats are made available for those who may be wheelchair users or are unable to navigate stairs. Allocated wheelchair spaces are denoted by a W on the seating map. Wheelchair seats must be booked through the office on 02 6021 7433.

We hold a few seats for each performance, which are generally released to the public on the day of the performance. These are called House seats. We keep these for subscribers who may need a last-minute date change, visiting VIPs, and other emergencies. Sometimes they may be allocated before the day of performance. These are denoted on the map by an H and are not available for sale through the website

We also hold a few seats for members of the production team. These are denoted on the map by a P and are not available for sale through the website.

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