Galah Bar

Join us throughout the year as the Butter Factory Theatre precinct comes alive with the ‘scratch and squawk’ of some beautifully eclectic regional talent.

Selected Fridays throughout the year.
All tickets $10*.

Galah Bar #5 is swooping in to the Butter Factory Theatre on Friday 1 December.

Old Aunt Ethyl is back to whip you into shape and spank your bums if you’re not paying attention! On the perch for the evening will be a variety of wonderful music and a smattering of craziness. A typical Galah Bar, really.

Performers on the cards include poetry, comedy theatre sports and live music

Tickets are available for only $10 and drinks are available at Happy Hour prices from 6:30-7:30pm. Join us for a thoroughly unique evening of entertainment.

Remember to tag your photos #galahbar and email [email protected]u to sign up for Merv Mail and receive updates from the dirty bird himself.

NOTE: EFTPOS available for bar and box office purchases only, Mojo Catering are cash only.

Since it’s re birth in 2016 the Galah Bar has gone from strength to strength. With Merv the Galah keeping a watchful beady birdy eye on proceedings, each night has showcased the newest and craziest acts from our region and beyond.

It’s a chance to test & tag original stuff and we have had quite a range so far – bands old and new, singers, trapeze, drag artists, poets, pole dancers, jugglers, belly dancers, trumpets, acrobatics, comedy and yes, some acts that can’t be labelled.

And who can forget our fantastic MC’s – Selma Fork, Rose Quartz, Kyle Walmsely and the old bird herself Aunt Ethyl.

Thank you to our amazing and eclectic performers from 2016 and 2017 so far:

Georgie Currie, Matt Ortiz, Bobby Whybrow, Kerryn Beatty, Pozer, Frances Pickles, Nathan & Jeremy Vaccaro, NEMEDA, The Space Boys, The Uke Muster, Robert Boyd, Olwen Steel, SWAG, Paul Dyason & Renn Piccard, Robert Marriot, Carm Hogan, The Squid Doctors, AJ Saltalamacchia, Helena Kernaghan, Rhiannon Ersser, Jason McDaniel, Timmy James, Zach Johnson, Lucy Tan, Peter Klein, Bruce Kreutzberger, Stephen O’Connell, Twin Cities RocknRoll, The Fruit Bats, Dillion Ingwersen, Adam & Natasha Kronenberg, Eleanor Tan, Kenneth Lindemann, Terry Moriarty, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Physipole Studios, Rose Quartz, Jaide Brussen, Rory Hutchinson, Kyle Walmsley, The Society Sisters, Odette Robbins, The Boston Lobsters…

Remember to #GalahBar your photos from the night (with Merv if you like).

If you want to be a part of the Galah Bar legend by performing then Beck wants to talk to you! 02 6021 7433 or [email protected]

Friday 1 December

Doors open 6.30pm, acts start at 8pm
Happy Hour 6.30pm – 7.30pm

All tickets $10

*Please note a $3 transaction fee may apply for tickets purchased over the counter, by phone or at the Box Office. Purchase online to avoid fees.

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Merv Mail will keep you up to date with acts, what’s on offer for food and cocktails and specials like this one – Pre booked groups of 4 or more are in the running to win a bottle of prosecco to enjoy during the show!

Hot Hot Hot

The Galah Bar is back – remixed, refeathered and ready to squawk!

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