** Winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize**
** Nominated for five Tony Awards**

Becca and Howie Corbett are a happy suburban couple whose lives are changed forever when their young son Danny is killed in an accident.

Eight months on, they are drifting perilously apart. Becca wants to start afresh in a new home and give away their son’s possessions, but Howie wants to keep the memory of Danny alive.

Becca’s carefree and immature younger sister, Izzy has just announced that’s she is pregnant. The girls’ mother Nat, is no stranger to the grief that comes with losing a son, having lost her 30 year old son Arthur to suicide.

Jason Willette, the young driver who killed the Corbett’s son, is seeking resolution. But Rabbit Hole is not a tidy play. Despite the wit and the humour in the play, Rabbit Hole is a reminder that sting of loss never leaves, but rather becomes a weight which is to be carried.

Directed by Gabriella Rose-Carter
Cast Includes
Rachel McNamara
Gretchen Prowse and
Ben Tari

Three Performances Only

7:30 PM Tuesday 26 November 2019
7:30 PM Wednesday 27 November 2019
7:30 PM Thursday 28 November 2019


This production of Rabbit Hole, is part of HotHouse’s CELSIUS:Independent Theatre program which has been  assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.