For over 20 years, HotHouse Theatre has been creating and presenting artistic works on the Border region to enthusiastic audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

From humble beginnings as the Murray River Performance Group to standing strong as one of the last remaining professional theatre companies in regional Australia, HotHouse has a rich and celebrated history of commissioning, producing, nurturing and presenting new, contemporary Australian theatre within a vibrant regional setting. 


To be nationally recognised as a regional creative powerhouse and a first-class incubator of new Australian theatre.


HotHouse Theatre incubates, makes and presents 100% Australian theatre, divergent in form and voice, that speaks to our region and the nation. 

We invest in regional professional practice. We collaborate with artists, locally and nationally, to engage and inspire audiences. We inspire insight into our humanity through creative investigations that reflect the world around us. Through shared experiences, we stimulate the imagination of the region.



Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.
We support local Australian artists to make adventurous, compelling work, and invite our company and our theatre community to join us on this journey.


We explore the interests, stories, experiences and social dynamics of our community and connect them to the heart of our theatre-making practice and our satellite events.
We are inquisitive about our home, our people and the broader landscape.


We are an inclusive organisation, supporting diversity in our workplace. We show respect for everyone who connects or works with us. We listen, we try to understand, we are compassionate. When our partners and collaborators think and work differently to us, we consider this an opportunity to learn.

Cultural Leadership

We acknowledge our remarkable history and understand that, without the support of our community, we would not have enjoyed our longevity or our success. We lead activities. We get involved. We show up and support other organisations and events in our community.


We partner with amazing theatre artists and companies throughout Australia to make culturally relevant work. We collaborate with local businesses and organisations to invite our community into a critical dialogue with us.

As an incubator of distinctive Australian works, we’re proud to invest in our artists, audiences and community.

We engage locally and impact nationally; through responsive artist development programs and a well-established subscription model, we:

Support artists to develop new work year-round through our unique Month in the Country residency program;

Present resonant and culturally relevant touring productions.

Collaborate with other significant organisations to co-commission and co-produce contemporary Australian theatre of the highest standard;

Partner with Australia’s boldest and brightest independent artists and companies.


In 1996, during a period that saw the demise of many regionally based theatre companies in Australia, the board of the Murray River Performing Group decided that the structure which had carried the Company through its first sixteen years was no longer the most effective way to achieve the aspirations and goals of the Company. Local audiences were now seeking out work of the calibre found on the main stages of major cities.

The mission of the newly formed HotHouse Theatre was to challenge the immediate and wider communities with locally produced, high quality, professional theatre. The role of Artistic Director was expanded into an Artistic Directorate of (initially) 12 key individuals – a mix of local arts workers and others from state capital cities.

The enthusiastic response from a number of prominent industry professionals allowed HotHouse to grow and thrive in the local region. This core group became effective advocates for HotHouse, and were active in liaising with funding bodies and producers on behalf of the Company.

Since its beginning, the Artistic Directorate has always featured an eclectic mix of skills in directing, writing, dramaturgy, design, choreography, music, composing, performing, programming, strategic planning and arts advocacy.

As the company evolved, the return to a single Artistic Director model allowed HotHouse to maintain connections to the local and national artistic community through various consultative groups.