Creative Development:

Boss Squad 2.0

Acrobat & Producer Felicia Lannan, Producer Marina Gellmann, Acrobat Amy Stuart, Acrobat Marcela Scheuner, Acrobat Kelsey Shepherd  BOSS SQUAD is an award-winning contemporary circus show featuring high level circus skills from some of Australia’s fiercest female performers. The show calls out the cat-callers while embracing all things weird and acrobatically wonderful.  BOSS SQUAD 2.0 (Working Title) will have themes of empowerment throughout and there is strong feminist undertone, as it’s led by all-female artists. The concepts explored will be largely based on ‘the female experience’; drawing on our own personal experiences with topics such as cervical cancer, anxiety, female comedy, female friendships, sexuality and physicality/the female body.   Australian circus is always pushing the limits of what is possible in acrobatics. Women can often be left out of the conversation (and the action) when it comes to developments of new acts and skills, but BOSS SQUAD intends to ‘up the ante’ and assert ourselves as ones not to be overlooked.  The key outcome will be to finish and perform new acts in front of an audience for the first time, receiving constructive feedback for future refinement of the new show.