Creative Development:

Cathy Goes to Canberra – The Musical

Team – Kofi Issacs, Sal Kimber, Toby Mobbs, Michelle Fracaro, Cathy McGowan, Danielle O’Keefe, Alyce Fisher In November 2020, after the release of her memoir ‘Cathy goes to Canberra’, Cathy McGowan floated the idea to develop her story and the story of Indi turning Independent, into a musical. The Indi story is one that captures some universal themes; the power of a community’s spirit, victory of hope over cynicism, connects with our deepest need to be seen, to be listened to, for our voices to be heard and acknowledged, it has the added element of the battle between David and Goliath, and it has a happy ending where they ‘all lived happily ever after’. This is an Australian story which is worth telling and music, dance, and theatre are such great vehicles for storytelling and audience engagement.