CELSIUS:Independent Theatre Program

HotHouse Theatre’s CELSIUS: INDEPENDENT THEATRE program enters its second year with five diverse local projects undertaking a full-time week of creative development. CELSIUS supports local independent practitioners through development and presentation of new works. These developments enable local artists to progress passion projects and ideas, with and for our local community.

Allocated Seating and Social Distancing

To keep you safe and to comply with best practice, HotHouse has introduced allocated seating. This means that you will be able to choose your seat at the time of purchase.
We have also introduced social distanced seating. This means that there will be two seats on either side of each booking. It works on the idea that you are happy to be in close proximity to those coming with you to the theatre. It also significantly impacts on the number of seats that are available for sale. For example; if you book a single-seat, effectively five seats are removed from sale.
We really encourage you to connect with your friends before you purchase your subscription and put the subscriptions in one name so you can sit together. Alternatively, you can use a Flexi-Sub to give yourself more flexibility.

Download a printable A4 version of the SEASON 2021 PART ONE brochure

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