hothouse theatre presents

Devised by the industry co:lab

indigo children


BUTTER FACTORY THEATRE 48 Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga, 3690


What does a tree look like in 2123? How do we find happiness in a world that is falling apart? If we had the ability to travel time and space, would it be enough to change the world from global warming? Or should we just pack up and move planet now?

As Climate Change grips the world, the expectation to save the Earth falls to the current generation of young adults. But is this fair? And is it okay to be mad when you get left with the massive clean-up bill after hundreds of years of industrial revolution, and pollution? Should today’s generation be sending our politicians an invoice to cover the emotional labour of explaining rising sea levels to Boomers? It sounds like the world needs a superhero or two- but who steps up to do that? 

A work devised by the 2023 Industry Co:Lab ensemble Indigo Children explores the intersection between responsibility for the world and forging your own identity. What does success look like in a world that’s burning and how do we even get there? Do we pursue saving the world? Or rather than the stars, should we aim for our own fortune and glory?  

Co Lab 2023 ensemble members: Lylah Ellao, Jericho Ellao, Yolanta Guthridge, Mia McEachern, Toby Steele & Shane Wandel. 

Industry Co:Lab is proudly supported by NSW Government through the Stronger Country Communities Fund.

Event Information

Ticket Price: $20 Full / $15 Concession

Date: Friday 30th June

Start: 7:00pm

Venue: Butter Factory Theatre

Runtime: Approx 40 minutes + post show Q&A 

Content Advice: Includes themes of global warming & destruction and grief. Some coarse language. Performance includes the use of Projections and Flashing lights.  

Appropriate for ages 15+