Parenting Partners

Created & performed by Alyce Fisher, Co-creator Seth Scheuner, Director & Dramaturge Rachel McNamara, Sound Artist Lucy Tan, Sound recording and technical support Adam Boon from Professional Audio Services. She is not the vessel, He is not the donor. Parenting Partners is a deeply personal one human show, which tells the story of Alyce Fisher and Seth Scheuner’s experience creating a family outside of the heteronormative. The work explores the themes of fertility, conception, pregnancy, birth, family and is ultimately a love story. The show is grounded in storytelling, features comedic highs, gear shifting and confronting truths, audience participation, and aims to leave the audience having experienced all the emotions. Parenting Partners is envisaged as a 50-minute, one human show, which stretches performer Alyce Fisher’s varied skill set as she brings the audience into the fold of her warm embrace.