Tale of Two Harpies

Tale of Two Harpies is a new physical theatre comedy co-created and performed by Nicci Wilks and Emilie Bloom and co-created and directed by Susie Dee, Assistant to the Director Meg Shiels, Slapstick Consultant Phill Witt with Lighting Design by Kofi Isaacs. The tale of two displaced Clowns – Audiences will experience a nostalgic and timeless world that is inspired by old circus vintage aesthetics and found detritus – like someone poured black paint over a Doctor Seuss book. Using attention to the smallest of details that render even a walk on stage as a hilarious act, Tale of Two Harpies is a parade of sight gags and circus tropes that is underpinned by a foundation of an intelligent examination of the human condition in a displaced environment. Performances 9 to 11 December at the Butter Factory Theatre, included as part of the Flying Fruit Fly Circus’ Borderville Festival