borderville presents

you & I

december 15TH-16th

casus creations & cluster arts

butter factory theatre
gateway island, Wodonga


Award winning company and festival favourites Casus Creations are back with their most daring and intimate work You & I. An empowering hour of skill and identity celebrating the loving relationship between two circus artists using high-level acrobatics, trapeze, magic and dance.

Jesse and Locky met as students at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus. Years later, see their love story – their love of circus and of each other – on the Border where it belongs.

This unashamedly authentic journey reveals a fresh narrative where gay stories are not consumed by tragedy but filled with conviction and acceptance.

Event Information

Ticket Price:
$15 Early Bird*
$25 Full
$22 Concession
$20 Student
Companion Cards accepted
*Early Bird offer ends 5pm, Wed 11th October

Date & Time:
Friday 15th December 6:00pm
Saturday 16th December 6:00pm

65 minutes, no interval

Butter Factory Theatre
Gateway Island, Wodonga