For artists and performers aged 12-24 from all backgrounds.

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A General Audition is like a meet and greet for actors! It’s an opportunity to meet with directors and producers to introduce yourself, show off what makes you unique and to have a conversation with HotHouse about what opportunities may interest you. That way, if we have a project or role that is the right fit for you that comes up in the future, you’re in our contact list to get in touch.

Auditions timeslots are for 15 minutes and are completed individually. Please nominate your availability for a preferred time in the form below and we will confirm your exact timeslot via email no later than Fri Feb 17.

Before you begin…

• Please check your availability for February 20 or 21

• Auditions will be held in the studio at the Butter Factory Theatre on Gateway Island. We are tucked in behind Self Pilates and the public toilets, across from Gigs gallery and next door to La Maison. Look for the yellow roof.

• You will need to attach a CV as part of the application, please have this ready before you begin.

• Photography/Video is part of the audition process. Please be aware that we may record or take photos during your audition.

• Please read our frequently asked questions below. If there is something we haven’t covered, please feel free to email Clancy [email protected] or call the office on (02) 6021 7433.  

• Please do not forget to provide us with your contact details so we can get in touch with you!

• If you’re not a Google Doc’s user, you can submit via a word.doc form. Please send the completed form to [email protected]

• Submissions close 5pm on Friday Feb 17. Applications received after this will be accommodated subject to availability.



There is no specific role that you are applying for and therefore there is no guarantee of an offer.  

When you arrive for your audition, we will take a moment to introduce ourselves to and to do a quick warm-up exercise together. We will ask you a few questions about yourself, your goals and the monologue you have chosen to perform. It will then be time for you to perform your monologue to us. Afterwards we may get you to perform your piece again with some direction- this is not because you have performed it ‘wrong’ but to see how you take direction and to test some of your range and ideas. You’ll then have an opportunity to ask us any questions you have. The audition will run for 15 minutes so it will go quickly!

The answer is-…none! Our only prerequisite is that you have career ambitions in the arts. We are interested in your passion for performing and who you are as a person, so we encourage everyone who would like to have a go to come along. If you do have professional experience though, we’d love to hear about it!

If you’re concerned about what to include in the CV component of the audition application, we are happy with a one-page submission detailing information about who you are and what you’d like to do.

To audition, you will need to come pre-prepared with a monologue of your choosing. Monologues must be age appropriate to you and be 2-3 minutes in length. Preferably they are from an Australian playwright.

We strongly encourage you to read and research/understand the play or character you are performing. When reading through your monologue, consider what the character wants in the scene and explore what tactics they are using to try and achieve what they want.

If you are unsure of where to find a suitable monologue for, we suggest you jump online to Australian Plays Transform If you get stuck, please send through an email to Clancy [email protected]

When you come for your audition, please bring along a drink bottle and wear comfortable clothing you can move around in (shorts under skirts please.). It’s also handy to bring along a printed copy of your script for the HotHouse team to prompt you if needed.

If you are aged 11, in grade 6 and will be turning 12 before the end of April this year you may still apply. If you are 24, you must not be turning 25 before June this year.

If you are beyond these limits, sadly this is not right audition for you- but stay connected with us as we would like to meet you when the time comes!

There will be a minimum of two HotHouse staff at your audition. Depending on what session time you attend staff could be any of the following-… Artistic Director Karla, Associate First Nations Producer Tiffany, Associate Artist Rachel, or Programs Coordinator Clancy.

No. But they are welcome to wait in the foyer.

Firstly, this is excellent we are excited to meet you! Secondly, we ask that you still have a go at performing as we are interested in discussing with you your creative choices and how you interpret the script. To chat to us further about this, please call the office to speak with Clancy or Tiffany on (02) 60217433. 

Yes, potentially we will take photos for both recording of your audition as well as promotional purposes. We will discuss with you beforehand if we intend to do this.

With such a volume of applications, we do not have the ability get back to everyone with specific feedback. If you’d like to have a chat with us after the fact, please get in touch with us.

General Auditions are a brilliant way to practice and both a great way to show us how you have improved and to let us know you are still keen to be involved in HotHouse projects. So yes, if you’d like to come visit us again, we’d love to see you!

Please let us know immediately and we will try and arrange another suitable time OR ask you to send through a video submission instead. As always if you are feeling unwell, please stay home and rest.

Nerves are a normal part of auditions and acting. And in fact they are a good thing as they mean you care about the audition!

Being nervous is not something that we will hold against you in your audition. It is part of the reason why we do a quick warm-up exercise with you. When it’s time to perform your monologue make sure you take your time, start when you’re ready and don’t be afraid to take some deep breaths beforehand.

Also, when nervous hydration is your friend- don’t forget your drink bottle!

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20th Feb

15minute intervals between 4pm and 8pm.

21st Feb

15minute intervals between 4pm and 8pm.